Trip Details

On this "Trip details" page, you will find all the information you need about our trips. We have created a printable travel packet in PDF format that you can print out and bring along with you which includes all contact phone numbers, packing list and recommendations when traveling to foreign countries and will be issued upon booking. Please contact us with any other questions or concerns that are not answered here.


Tarponville fishing packages are all inclusive covering everything once you arrive into Limon, Costa Rica. After landing you will be met at the Limon International Airport by a representative from "Tarponville" who will be awaiting your arrival. Your shuttle ride will be a short ride south along the stunning Caribbean coastline in an air conditioned and very comfortable shuttle. . Your final destination is the southernmost village of Manzanillo. Driving through Manzanillo, to the end of the road, you will be met by the staff of Tarponville at the entrance to the Manzanillo/Gondoca wildlife refuge where you will be led down the jungle path paralleling the beach approx. 200 yards until you reach "Tarponville Lodge".


Tarponville is located in a protected area which vehicles are not allowed to enter. Depending on your type of package, your return is the same, starting in Manzanillo and returning to Limon for a direct flight to San Jose International airport for your departing flight out of country or for a night stay in one of our recommended hotel accommodations directly across the way from the airport with discounted rates for Tarponville cleits. We want to make sure that your travel and stay with Tarponville goes as smoothly as possible.

Package customization

Depending on the package you choose, here is what your stay will look like. All packages very and can be customized to meet your travel dates and needs. You will receive your own itinerary detailed to your chosen package with pricing confirmation at time of inquiry and booking.

Accommodation Details


Our guests that seem to get the most pleasure out of their experiences are people who spend time in the outdoors, appreciate raw nature at its best and those that are looking for a unique situation. You will find a clean, comforting lodge with excellent Caribbean food. Airconditioned rooms will keep you dry and cool during your stay.  When we're successful at informing you about tarponville , everyone is extremely satisfied, as you can see from the reviews. To meet that goal, the owner talks to each inquiring party to make sure they understand as much as possible about Tarponville. If you would like Mark to call you, he can be reached by email directly at


All rooms are air-conditioned and have their own private bathroom, two beds, and ceiling fans. You will be supplied with fresh linens and towels throughout your stay and your rooms will be cleaned and restocked daily with fresh towels. We have a laundry service available for an additional charge of $25 per load and can have that done while you are out fishing for the day. Dining/ Food: All meals at the lodge will be prepared by local cooks, and the menu will include such items as snapper, local fruits and vegetables, and other local delicacies. If there are any dietary restricitions please let us know ahead time and we will accommodate to your diet as much as possible.

Booking Policy

Deposits, cancellations & refunds: A deposit of 30% per person is required to block you stay. The balance is due 60 days prior to scheduled arrival at Manzanillo Eco Lodge-Tarponville Fishing Lodge. A refund of the deposit less a handling fee of $150 per person will be returned if notice of cancellation is received by Manzanillo Eco Lodge-Tarponville Fishing Lodge at least 90 days prior to your scheduled arrival. There will be no refund of any monies for "no shows" or cancellations received less than 90 days prior to arrival. No refund will be given for early departures. Changes in dates will be made accordingly to pre- existing reservations. Refund will be made on the same card used to purchase the trip.

Fishing Details

Fishing days schedule

Fishing days begin with breakfast at 6:20 and then a short walk back to the creek to meet your boat captain that you will be fishing with for the day at 6:50am. Fishing days will be a total of 8hrs per day depending on the available light and are broken up into two fishing periods. (Changing to 8 straight hours starting in 2020).

  • 6:20am- Breakfast served
  • 6:50am- Depart for fishing grounds
  • 12:00- Lunch break (on beach or on boat)
  • 3:00pm- Return from fishing grounds
  • 5:30p,- Happ hour/ appitizers (Beer and Rom included)
  • 7:00pm- Dinner served

Non-fishing / relax days

If you decide not fish for the day or the following day, please let the staff know so that we can notify your guide prior to him getting the boat ready and waiting for you.

Boat rides

The boat ride to the fishing grounds of the Sixoala River takes 20-30min depending where the fish are at. We ask that you do your best to be on time as these guys will have the boat already in the water and will be waiting your arrival. Our staff can assist you with your tackle if needed for the walk, just let us know. You will be provided with water, sodas and snacks for your day of fishing (1 water bottle per person, 1 soda and fruit)(lunch included starting 2020).

Boat captains

Our captains work on a rotating schedule throughout the year. If there is a certain captain that you would like to fish with please let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to put you with him. You will be fishing with the same captain for all of your fishing days that you are here. All of our captains are English speaking and are from the local village here.
Although tarpon are our main event, we do have other fisheries available and some may be better than others depending on the weather and tides. Our guides are going to show up ready to fish Tarpon, so if there is another species or style of fishing you would like to fish please let the lodge manager or owner know prior to that day of fishing so we can make sure they are prepared for the change.

Fishing notes and rules
  • Tarpon fishing can be a lot of work and we ask that you do not over exert yourself. Please stay hydrated and help each other reel in big fish if needed.
  • We are very protective of our fishery and our Tarpon. We ask that each group use their best judgment when landing these big fish and try to land the fish as fast as possible. We ask that the Tarpon remain along the side of the boat when landed and NOT brought in the boat for pictures. Bringing fish into the boat can be very dangerous for the captains and the angler, not to mention the fish. It is the captains discretion whether or not to allow a fish in the boat.
  • Our captains do work for gratuities and we ask that a tip of $25- $50 per day be provided. This can be paid daily or at the end of your trip on the last day of fishing.
  • Note: Our captains do not work more than eight hours and please respect their time as they have things they need to get done that evening to be ready to fish the following day.


Fishing the river mouth can be a dangerous fishery at times and we ask that you respect the guide's decision on how close to the river mouth we can fish. As the end of the day comes, we do not allow any of our captains to stay after dark and will not leave one boat at the fishery alone. This may mean breaking a fish off in order to make back and through the reef safely, or waiting in your boat until the other boat is done landing a fish.

Traveler's Insurance

We recommend that you consider these options for Travel Insurance:

  • Trip cancellation insurance.
  • Medical Insurance.

Be prepared. As avid anlgers and travelers, we want to make sure you are covered for anything.

Travel Information

Starting 2020 all Tarponville package inclusions start at Tarponville. Travelers are responsible for transportation to and from the lodge. You have two options for travel to Tarponville from the Capital of San Jose; Ground Transportation or Domestic flight/ shuttle

*Tarponville recommends groups of more than 6 people use ground transportation from San Jose to Tarponville due to weight restrictions of domestic airlines.


If hotel accommodations are needed prior to or after your stay at Tarponville we recommend the following hotels; easy to get to, and very safe! 


Information and recommendation about ground shuttle service for: Costa Rica, San Jose- Manzanillo and Limon-Manzanillo.


There is one domestic airline servicing flights from San Jose (SJO) to Limon (LIM) and back.  Learn more.


Should you require additional details regarding transportation or holiday packages, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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