Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you get familiar with what to expect.

What is recommended for tipping?

We ask that tipping for our staff and team members be in US dollars. Guides: $50.00 per day per boat (ex: 2 anglers is $25 each), Staff: $20.00 per day/ per guest. Shuttle driver: Airport to hotel: $10 for group/ San Jose to Tarponville: $25.00 for group

Is the area safe?

The area is safe. We ask that you take precautions when in the area the same as you would when traveling to any foreign country.

Is the water safe to drink?

We do not recommend drinking the water. You will be provided water bottles in the bathrooms for brushing your teeth and drinking that can be refilled daily in the dining room.

Can I pay with American dollars?

Yes, US dollars are accepted all over Costa Rica and we ask that tips for staff and guides be paid in US dollars.

Is there any dangerous snakes?

Yes, Tarponville is located in the thick of the jungle and we do have snakes. Be sure to carry your flash light with at night and watch your step. We have snake bite kits available in the dining area and will cover snakes during the orientation.

Is there a lot bugs?

There can be a lot of insects and bugs but most of them are not poisonous. Take precaution by staying covered up and use your mosquito nets when sleeping at night.

Is there swimming and snorkeling in the area?

Yes, we have some amazing snorkeling right in front of the lodge with beautiful reefs to explore. We have two sets of snorkel gear available at the lodge for our guests to use.

Is there any fish to catch from the beach?

Absolutely, we have trigger fish, chub, jacks, snapper, parrot fish and even some bonefish that can all be caught from the beach in front of the lodge.

Is there wi-fi access?

Yes, the wi-fi signal is very strong and is included in the package price.

Is there air conditioning?

Yes. all 4 rooms of tarponville have air conditioning.

Is there laundry service if needed?

Yes, laundry service is available for $25 dollars per load.

How long is the shuttle ride from San Jose to Manzanillo?

The shuttle form San Jose to Manzanillo is about between 5 hours. It can take anywhere from 3-6 hours depending on the traffic and road conditions.

Is there a flights that can be taken instead of ground transportation?

There are no airports or landing strips close to Tarponville. Your options for flights are to fly form San Jose to Limon and then take ground transportation form Limon to Manzanillo.

Are there safes in the rooms?

Yes, each room has an electronic lock safe. They are big enough to fit a laptop or I-pad. You will be given the electronic code at orientation and room assignment.

What kind of outlet plugs is there?

Out plugs are 3 prong just like the plugs in America.

Is electricity reliable?

Yes, the electricity is very reliable. We are on town power but at times of hard rain and big storms there is a chance of power going out due to fallen trees. Be sure to bring flashlights and plenty of batteries.

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